Alexander Wilson Photo

Alexander Wilson

Born: Jul 6, 1766

Death: Aug 23, 1813

Birthplace: Paisley

Nationality: United Kingdom

Alexander Wilson

Date of Birth : Jul 6, 1766
Date of Death : Aug 23, 1813
Birth Place : Paisley

Alexander Wilson was a Scottish-American poet, ornithologist, naturalist, and illustrator. Identified by George Ord as the "Father of American Ornithology," Wilson is now regarded as the greatest American ornithologist before Audubon. Several species of bird are named after Wilson, including the Wilson's storm-petrel, Wilson's plover, Wilson's phalarope, Wilson's snipe, and Wilson's warbler. The now obsolete warbler genus Wilsonia was named for him by Charles Lucien Bonaparte. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology and the Wilson Ornithological Society also bear his name.

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