Allen B. DuMont Photo

Allen B. DuMont

Born: Jan 29, 1901

Death: Nov 14, 1965

Birthplace: Brooklyn

Nationality: United States

Allen B. DuMont

Date of Birth : Jan 29, 1901
Date of Death : Nov 14, 1965
Birth Place : Brooklyn

Allen Balcom DuMont, also spelled Du Mont, was an American electronics engineer, scientist and inventor best known for improvements to the cathode ray tube in 1931 for use in television receivers. Seven years later he manufactured and sold the first commercially practical television set to the public. In June 1938, his Model 180 television receiver was the first all-electronic television set ever sold to the public, a few months prior to RCA's first set in April 1939. In 1946, DuMont founded the first television network to be licensed, the DuMont Television Network, initially by linking station WABD in New York City to station W3XWT, which later became WTTG, in Washington, D.C. DuMont's successes in television picture tubes, TV sets and components and his involvement in commercial TV broadcasting made him the first millionaire in the business.

Also known as

  • Allen DuMont
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