Barbara Heinemann Landmann Photo

Barbara Heinemann Landmann

Born: 1795

Death: May 21, 1883

Nationality: France

Barbara Heinemann Landmann

Date of Birth : 1795
Date of Death : May 21, 1883

Barbara Heinemann Landmann was twice a Werkzeug, or Instrument, for the Community of True Inspiration. A Werkzeug, under the influence of the gift of Inspiration, is thought by the Community to convey the word of the Lord to believers. Barbara was first a Werkzeug in Germany and in Alsace. She became a Werkzeug during the Christmas holidays of 1818 until she married George Landmann in 1823. She and her husband migrated with the Community from Germany to the Ebenezer Colonies in New York State, USA and from the Ebenezer Colonies to the Amana Colonies in Iowa. While she was in the Ebenezer Colonies, she became a Werkzeug again. In the Ebenezer Colonies and the Amana Colonies, she shared with Christian Metz the responsibilities of a Werkzeug. Christian Metz died in 1872, and Barbara became the sole Werkzeug until she died, at the age of 88. Her testimonies continue to be read aloud during the Community's religious services.

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