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Bernard McMahon

Born: 1775

Death: Sep 18, 1816

Nationality: United States

Bernard McMahon

Date of Birth : 1775
Date of Death : Sep 18, 1816

Bernard McMahon or M'Mahon was an Irish-American horticulturist settled in Philadelphia, who served as one of the stewards of the plant collections from the Lewis and Clark expedition and was the author of The American Gardener's Calendar: Adapted to the Climates and Seasons of the United States. He circulated the first extensive gardener's seed list in the United States, which he attached as an appendix to his Calendar. McMahon's most enduring contribution was his Calendar, the most comprehensive gardening book published in the United States in the first half of the nineteenth century. It finished in its eleventh edition in 1857. It was modeled on a traditional English formula, of month-by-month instructions on planting, pruning, and soil preparation for the "Kitchen Garden, Fruit Garden, Orchard, Vineyard, Nursery, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, Green House, Hot house and Forcing Frames". In some particulars, McMahon followed his English models so closely that J. C. Loudon suggested in 1826 that the derivative character of the Calendar was such that "We cannot gather from the work any thing as to the extent of American practice in these particulars."

Also known as

  • Bernard M''Mahon
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