Bernhard Muller Photo

Bernhard Muller

Born: Mar 21, 1788

Death: Aug 29, 1834

Birthplace: Mainz

Nationality: Germany

Bernhard Muller

Date of Birth : Mar 21, 1788
Date of Death : Aug 29, 1834
Birth Place : Mainz

Bernhard Muller, known as Count de Leon, was a German Christian mystic and alchemist of uncertain origins. Muller wrote to the Harmony Society in 1829 proclaiming himself to be the "Lion of Judah" and a prophet in possession of the Philosopher's stone. As well as giving himself numerous fictitious names and titles, like Count de Leon, Archduke Maximilian von Este, and Proli, he claimed that he and his followers were the true Philadelphians and were ready to make a home for themselves with the Harmonites in Old Economy, Pennsylvania. The Harmonites, being religious searchers looking for a hopeful sign, and eager to justify their own religious prophesies, agreed to the visit, and in 1831, Muller arrived with his entourage of forty people Soon, Muller and the Harmony Society's leader, George Rapp, grew tired of each other and began to argue. Sensing the dissatisfaction that some Harmonites were feeling towards the Society's custom of celibacy, Muller was able to use that to his advantage and get about a third of the Harmonites to be on his side in the ensuing argument. However, the majority of the Society decided to keep George Rapp as their leader.


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