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Bill Cody

Born: Jan 5, 1891

Death: Jan 24, 1948

Birthplace: Saint Paul

Profession: Actor

Nationality: United States

Bill Cody

Date of Birth : Jan 5, 1891
Date of Death : Jan 24, 1948
Birth Place : Saint Paul

Bill Cody, born William Joseph Cody Jr., was a Hollywood B-western actor of the 1920s, 1930s and into the 1940s, and father to Bill Cody, Jr.. Cody, often called "the reel Bill Cody", began his acting career in the early days of film, and just happened to have the same name as "Buffalo" Bill Cody, although being of no relation. The name was, initially, what drew producers to Cody. However, he soon proved to be a charismatic performer in his own right. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, the son of William F. Cody and Lillian Isabel Johnson, Cody was said to have attended Saint Thomas Military Academy, and later St. Johns University. Immediately out of college, he joined the Metropolitan Stock Company, touring the U.S. and Canada. This eventually led him to Hollywood. In 1922 he began working as a stuntman.


  • Actor

Also known as

  • William Joseph Cody Jr.
  • The Reel Bill Cody
  • Bill Cody Sr.


  • William F. Cody
  • Lillian Isabel Johnson


  • Zarah Tazil
  • Victoria Regina
  • Virginia Kench


  • Bill Cody, Jr.
  • Frank Cody
  • Henry Cody
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