Carl G. Fisher Photo

Carl G. Fisher

Born: Jan 12, 1874

Death: Jul 15, 1939

Birthplace: Greensburg

Nationality: United States

Carl G. Fisher

Date of Birth : Jan 12, 1874
Date of Death : Jul 15, 1939
Birth Place : Greensburg

Carl Graham Fisher was an American entrepreneur. Despite having severe astigmatism, he became a seemingly tireless pioneer and promoter of the automotive, auto racing, and real estate development industries. He is widely regarded as a promotional genius. Despite family financial strains and a disability, in the late 19th century he became a bicycle enthusiast and opened a modest bicycle shop with a brother. An Indiana native, he also became involved in bicycle racing and later many activities related to the emerging U.S. auto industry in the early 20th century. In 1904, Carl Fisher and his friend James A. Allison bought an interest in the U.S. patent to manufacture acetylene headlights, a precursor to electric models which became common about 10 years later. Soon Fisher's firm supplied nearly every headlamp used on automobiles in the United States as manufacturing plants were built all over the country to supply the demand. The headlight patent made him rich as an automotive parts supplier and he and Allison cashed out when they sold their company, Prest-O-Lite, to Union Carbide in 1913 for $9 million.

Also known as

  • Carl Fisher
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