Charles Arthur Conant Photo

Charles Arthur Conant

Born: Jul 2, 1861

Death: Jul 5, 1915

Nationality: United States

Charles Arthur Conant

Date of Birth : Jul 2, 1861
Date of Death : Jul 5, 1915

Charles Arthur Conant was an American journalist, author, and promoter who became recognized as an expert on banking and finance. He was descended from one of the earliest New England settlers and was born in Winchester, Massachusetts, studied in public schools and with private tutors, and from 1889 to 1901 was correspondent in Washington, D.C. for the New York Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin. In 1901-1902 he was in the Philippines to investigate coinage and banking, on a commission organized by the U.S. Secretary of War. He returned to take a positions as treasurer of the Morton Trust Company of New York where he specialized in overseas banking. In 1915 Elihu Root sent him to Cuba, but he died of a fever there. In retrospect, Conant's most important work consists of journal articles collected in The United States and the Orient, in which he argued, before John A. Hobson and Vladimir Lenin, that imperialism was a natural, necessary, and ultimately positive outgrowth of capitalism. Conant was also among the first economists to articulate the economic utility of speculation on organized stock exchanges.

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