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Chiswell Langhorne

Born: Nov 4, 1843

Death: Feb 14, 1919

Birthplace: Lynchburg

Nationality: United States

Chiswell Langhorne

Date of Birth : Nov 4, 1843
Date of Death : Feb 14, 1919
Birth Place : Lynchburg

Colonel Chiswell Dabney Langhorne was an American railroad industrialist. He was the father of Nancy Witcher Langhorne and the maternal grandfather of both Joyce Grenfell and Michael Langhorne Astor. Langhorne was born in Lynchburg, Virginia at Point of Honor. He was the eldest son of John Scarsbrook Langhorne and Sarah Elizabeth Dabney. The family were wealthy planters and slave-owners before the American Civil War. The Confederate General Jeb Stuart was a relative. The Langhorne family lived in greatly reduced circumstances after the war. But, during the next quarter century, "Chilly" made a new fortune working first in the tobacco auctioneering business and then in railroads. As a young man, Langhorne entered the Confederate Army and served with distinction during the war. Soon after the Civil War, he moved to Danville, Virginia, a major center for bright leaf tobacco. The sale of loose-leaf tobacco by auction on a warehouse floor had originated there just before the Civil War. The practice, which was called the "Danville System", was quickly and widely adopted.

Also known as

  • Chiswell Dabney Langhorne


  • Sarah Elizabeth Dabney
  • John Scarsbrook Langhorne


  • Nancy "Nanaire" Witcher Keene


  • Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor
  • Nora Langhorne Phipps
  • Irene Langhorne
  • Phyllis Langhorne
  • Lizzie Langhorne
  • Harry Langhorne
  • Keene Langhorne
  • William Langhorne
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