Claiborne Fox Jackson Photo

Claiborne Fox Jackson

Born: Apr 4, 1806

Death: Dec 6, 1862

Birthplace: Fleming County

Nationality: United States

Claiborne Fox Jackson

Date of Birth : Apr 4, 1806
Date of Death : Dec 6, 1862
Birth Place : Fleming County

Claiborne Fox Jackson was Governor of Missouri in 1861, then governor-in-exile for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. A successful manufacturing chemist, Jackson became heavily involved in Democratic Party politics and served twelve years in the Missouri General Assembly, before being elected to the state senate in 1848. In the run-up to the Civil War, he claimed to be anti-secession, in order to get elected Governor, but was secretly planning a secessionist coup in league with Confederate President Jefferson Davis. When Union troops in St. Louis jailed the local militia, fighting broke out and Jackson declared Missouri to be a free republic. In November 1861, the Confederacy recognised Missouri as its twelfth state, but the Union was increasingly dominant, and Jackson and his colleagues fled to Arkansas, pending a new invasion. Before this could happen, Jackson died of stomach cancer at Little Rock.

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