Consuelo Vanderbilt Photo

Consuelo Vanderbilt

Born: Mar 2, 1877

Death: Dec 6, 1964

Birthplace: New York City

Nationality: United Kingdom

Consuelo Vanderbilt

Date of Birth : Mar 2, 1877
Date of Death : Dec 6, 1964
Birth Place : New York City

Consuelo Balsan, was a member of the prominent American Vanderbilt family. Her marriage to Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough became an international emblem of the socially advantageous, but loveless, marriages common during the Gilded Age.

Also known as

  • Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough
  • Consuelo Balsan


  • Alva Belmont
  • William Kissam Vanderbilt


  • Jacques Balsan
  • Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough


  • John Spencer-Churchill, 10th Duke of Marlborough
  • Lord Ivor Spencer-Churchill
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