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Courtney Fathom Sell

Born: Jan 28, 1985

Birthplace: Boston

Profession: Film Producer

Nationality: United States

Courtney Fathom Sell

Date of Birth : Jan 28, 1985
Birth Place : Boston

Courtney Fathom Sell is an American filmmaker, outsider musician, composer, writer and video artist primarily recognized for his prolific independent filmmaking career. He has shot a majority of his work on a Hi8 video camera and other lo-fi equipment. He has contributed numerous articles to several publications including Filmmaker Magazine and indieWIRE regarding D.I.Y. filmmaking. Much of his video work has been archived at Anthology Film Archives.A proponent for online distribution, Sell has self-released many of his films and much of his music for free on his official website. Sell is recognized for his D.I.Y. filmmaking strategies including the development and creation of his own CGI effects and video filters. He commonly composes and records the soundtrack scores to many of his films, and an album of many of those scores was released under the title "Themes for Films" in 2011. In 2009, four of his short documentaries, My Dying Day, No Place Like Home, Long Way Back to Paradise and White Clover were released in a DVD compilation set. In 2010, Sell co-directed and produced the award-winning short documentary The Hole.


  • Film Producer
  • Musician
  • Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Film director
  • Composer
  • Film Editor
  • Video Artist


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