Daniel Coit Gilman Photo

Daniel Coit Gilman

Born: Jul 6, 1831

Death: Oct 13, 1908

Birthplace: Norwich

Nationality: United States

Daniel Coit Gilman

Date of Birth : Jul 6, 1831
Date of Death : Oct 13, 1908
Birth Place : Norwich

Daniel Coit Gilman was an American educator and academic. Gilman was instrumental in founding the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale College, and subsequently served as the third president of the University of California, as the first president of Johns Hopkins University, and as founding president of the Carnegie Institution. He was also co-founder of the Russell Trust Association, which administers the business affairs of Yale's Skull and Bones society. Gilman served for twenty five years as president of Johns Hopkins; his inauguration in 1876 has been said to mark "the starting point of postgraduate education in the U.S.".


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