Daniel Tucker Photo

Daniel Tucker

Death: Apr 7, 1818

Birthplace: Virginia

Nationality: United States

Daniel Tucker

Date of Death : Apr 7, 1818
Birth Place : Virginia

Daniel Tucker was a Methodist minister, farmer and ferryman as well as a Captain during the American Revolution. Tucker ministered to slaves, and was possibly a source for the song "Old Dan Tucker." As a young man Daniel Tucker came to Elbert County to take up a land grant and served as a Captain in the American Revolution. Farming the rich land along the Savannah River, he became a capable farmer. At least one man was bound to Daniel Tucker to learn how to farm. One of his closest friends and neighbors was the former Governor of Georgia, Stephen Heard. Tucker also ferried people across the Savannah River between the states of Georgia and South Carolina. Records in the Elbert County Courthouse show that in 1798, Tucker bought from Mr. John Heard for $1,000 in cash, part of the "Cook's Ferry Tract" with a ferry and all the items that went with it. The ferry was well situated and continued to serve the traveling public until bridges were built for the coming of automobiles. Besides farming and carrying travelers across the river, Daniel Tucker was a Methodist minister. He spent much of his time teaching slaves and praying with them.

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