Edward Johnson Photo

Edward Johnson

Born: Apr 16, 1816

Death: Feb 2, 1873

Birthplace: Midlothian

Nationality: United States

Edward Johnson

Date of Birth : Apr 16, 1816
Date of Death : Feb 2, 1873
Birth Place : Midlothian

Edward Johnson, also known as Allegheny Johnson, was a United States Army officer and Confederate general in the American Civil War. Highly rated by Robert E. Lee, he was made a divisional commander under Richard S. Ewell. On the first evening of the Battle of Gettysburg, Ewell missed his opportunity to attack Cemetery Hill, and Johnson opted against attacking Culp’s Hill, for which he had a discretionary order, though he attempted this on the second and third days. Ewell and Johnson are blamed by many for the loss of this decisive battle.

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