Edward L. Montoro Photo

Edward L. Montoro

Born: 1928

Birthplace: Atlanta

Profession: Film Producer

Nationality: United States

Edward L. Montoro

Date of Birth : 1928
Birth Place : Atlanta

Edward L. Montoro was an American film producer and distributor known for releasing exploitation films and B-movies during the 1970s and 1980s through his company Film Ventures International. Montoro became notorious for producing and promoting films such as Beyond the Door and Grizzly which were highly derivative of the 1970s blockbuster hits The Exorcist and Jaws. Montoro formed Film Ventures International, a small-scale independent movie production and distribution company, in 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia. His first effort was the soft-core adult comedy Getting into Heaven, which he wrote, produced and directed with a budget of $13,000. The film grossed almost 20 times its cost. Montoro expanded FVI and began churning out successful B-movies, among them acquisitions of foreign films from Italy including the spaghetti western Boot Hill in 1969. Grizzly was one of the first films Montoro financed and distributed himself. Produced on a $750,000 budget, the animal horror thriller became the most successful independent motion picture of 1976 earning more than $39 million worldwide.


  • Film Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film director
  • Film Distributor

Also known as

  • Edward Montoro
  • Edward Lawarence Montoro


  • Joann Montoro


  • Michael Montoro
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