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Edward Tiffin

Born: Jun 19, 1766

Death: Aug 9, 1829

Birthplace: Carlisle, Cumbria

Profession: Politician

Nationality: United States

Edward Tiffin

Date of Birth : Jun 19, 1766
Date of Death : Aug 9, 1829
Birth Place : Carlisle, Cumbria

Edward Tiffin was a Democratic-Republican politician from Ohio, and first Governor of the state. No man who has occupied the gubernatorial chair of Ohio has possessed a greater genius for the administration of public affairs than Edward Tiffin, its first governor. He appeared upon the scene of action in the Northwest Territory in its creative period, when the work of moulding the destinies of a future commonwealth was committed to the care of a very few men. Head and shoulders above them all stood Edward Tiffin. His official life displayed a better general average of statesmanship than that of any of his successors. ... His work in advancing and developing Ohio has not been equalled by any man in its history.


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