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Edwin Manners

Born: Mar 6, 1855

Death: May 4, 1913

Birthplace: Jersey City

Profession: Lawyer

Nationality: United States

Edwin Manners

Date of Birth : Mar 6, 1855
Date of Death : May 4, 1913
Birth Place : Jersey City

Edwin Manners was an American lawyer, property owner and diarist. He graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1877, went on to earn a degree in Law at Columbia University, and was accepted to the bar. He became involved in projects to improve Jersey City, such as a project improving the water supply. He continued as a lawyer, besides his municipal interests, and spent a good deal of time managing his property. He also kept a journal detailing his life over a 21 year period, from 1893 to 1913. He is the son of the Mayor of Jersey City David Stout Manners and Deborah Philips Johnes. The American branch, which emigrated to America about 1700, is connected with the noble family of Manners in England. During his senior year at Princeton University he was one of the editors of the Nassau Literary Magazine. A Manners Fund created under Manners' will continues to "provide support for advanced fellowships in the fields of English and history" at Princeton University.


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