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Eleuthere Irenee du Pont

Born: Jun 24, 1771

Death: Oct 31, 1834

Birthplace: Paris

Nationality: United States

Eleuthere Irenee du Pont

Date of Birth : Jun 24, 1771
Date of Death : Oct 31, 1834
Birth Place : Paris

Eleuthere Irenee du Pont de Nemours, known as Irenee du Pont, or E.I. du Pont, was a French-American chemist and industrialist who founded the gunpowder manufacturer, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. His descendants, the Du Pont family, have been one of America's richest and most prominent families since the 19th century, with generations of influential businessmen, politicians and philanthropists.

Also known as

  • Irénée du Pont,
  • E.I. duPont
  • Eleuthere Irenee du Pont
  • E.I. du Pont


  • Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours


  • Sophie Madeleine Dalmas


  • Alfred I. du Pont
  • Alfred V. du Pont
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