Floyd MacMillan Davis Photo

Floyd MacMillan Davis

Born: Apr 8, 1896

Death: Jan 1, 1966

Birthplace: Chicago

Nationality: United States

Floyd MacMillan Davis

Date of Birth : Apr 8, 1896
Date of Death : Jan 1, 1966
Birth Place : Chicago

Floyd MacMillan Davis was an American painter and illustrator known for his work in advertising and illustration; Walter and Roger Reed described him as "someone who could capture the rich, beautiful people of the 1920s: dashing, mustachioed men; the cool, svelte women. But Davis was just as capable at capturing just-plain-folk, and with a cartoonist's sensibilities and a fresh humor, he expanded into story art and ad work that called characters of every persuasion. By the early 1940s, he was recognized as the top man in both fields. In 1943, Life Magazine called him the "#1 Illustrator in America".

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