Forrest J Ackerman Photo

Forrest J Ackerman

Born: Nov 24, 1916

Death: Dec 4, 2008

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

Forrest J Ackerman

Date of Birth : Nov 24, 1916
Date of Death : Dec 4, 2008
Birth Place : Los Angeles

Forrest J Ackerman was an American collector of science fiction books and movie memorabilia and a science fiction fan. He was, for over seven decades, one of science fiction's staunchest spokesmen and promoters. Ackerman was a Los Angeles, California-based magazine editor, science fiction writer and literary agent, a founder of science fiction fandom, a leading expert on science fiction and fantasy films, and possibly the world's most avid collector of genre books and movie memorabilia. He was the editor and principal writer of the American magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, as well as an actor, from the 1950s into the 21st Century, and appears in at least two documentaries related to this period in popular culture: Director Michael R. MacDonald, and writer, Ian Johnston's Famous Monster: Forrest J Ackerman, which premiered at the Egyptian Theatre in March, 2009, during the Forrest J Ackerman Tribute, writer and filmmaker Jason V Brock's The Ackermonster Chronicles!, and Charles Beaumont: The Life of Twilight Zones Magic Man, about the late author Charles Beaumont, a former client of The Ackerman Agency.


  • Writer
  • Actor
  • Film Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Literary agent
  • Science-fiction writer
  • Magazine editor

Also known as

  • J. Forrester Eckman
  • Spencer Strong
  • Forest J Ackerman
  • 4SJ
  • Coil Kepac
  • Fisher Trentworth
  • Sgt. Ack-Ack
  • The Ackermonster
  • Mr. Science Fiction
  • Forest James Ackerman
  • Forry Rhodan
  • Forry Ackerman
  • Jacues De Forest Erman
  • 4E Ackerman
  • Geoffrey Giles
  • Alden Lorraine
  • Dr. Acula
  • Alus Kerlay
  • Hubert George Wells
  • SF Balboa
  • FJA
  • Forrest James Ackerman
  • Jacques DeForest Erman
  • Wilfred Owen Morley
  • Forrest J. Ackerman
  • Mr. Sci-Fi
  • Forest J. Ackerman
  • Jone Lee Heard
  • Laurajean Ermayne
  • Forjak
  • 4e
  • Walter Chinwell
  • Forry J. Ackerman
  • Uncle Forry
  • Allis Villette
  • Forrest Ackerman
  • Weaver Wright
  • Hubert G. Wells
  • Forry
  • F. Ackerman


  • Carroll Cridland
  • William Schilling Ackerman


  • Wendayne Wahrman

Awards Won

  • Hugo Award for #1 Fan Personality
  • World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement
  • Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Retro Hugo Award for Best Fanzine
  • Retro Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer
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