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Frank Harris

Born: Feb 14, 1856

Death: Aug 27, 1931

Birthplace: Galway

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United Kingdom

Frank Harris

Date of Birth : Feb 14, 1856
Date of Death : Aug 27, 1931
Birth Place : Galway

Frank Harris was a British editor, journalist and publisher, who was friendly with many well-known figures of his day. Born in Ireland, he emigrated to America early in life, working in a variety of unskilled jobs before attending the University of Kansas to read law. He eventually became a citizen there. After graduation he quickly tired of his legal career and returned to Europe in 1882. He travelled on continental Europe before settling in London to pursue a career in journalism. Though he attracted much attention during his life for his irascible, aggressive personality, editorship of famous periodicals, and friendship with the talented and famous, he is remembered mainly for his multiple-volume memoir My Life and Loves, which was banned in countries around the world for its sexual explicitness.


  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Editor

Also known as

  • James Thomas Harris


  • Thomas Vernon Harris


  • Florence Ruth Adams
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