Frank Munsey Photo

Frank Munsey

Born: Aug 21, 1854

Death: Dec 22, 1925

Birthplace: Mercer

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

Frank Munsey

Date of Birth : Aug 21, 1854
Date of Death : Dec 22, 1925
Birth Place : Mercer

Frank Andrew Munsey was an American newspaper and magazine publisher and author. He was born in Mercer, Maine, but spent most of his life in New York City. The village of Munsey Park, New York is named for him, along with the Munsey Building in downtown Baltimore. Munsey is credited with the idea of using new high-speed printing presses to print on inexpensive, untrimmed, pulp paper in order to mass-produce affordable magazines. Chiefly filled with various genres of action and adventure fiction, that were aimed at working-class readers who could not afford and were not interested in the content of the 25-cent "slick" magazines of the time. This innovation, known as pulp magazines, became an entire industry unto itself and made Munsey quite wealthy. He often shut down the printing process and changed the content of magazines when they became unprofitable, quickly starting new ones in their place.


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