Frederick B. Llewellyn Photo

Frederick B. Llewellyn

Born: Sep 16, 1897

Death: Dec 10, 1971

Birthplace: New Orleans

Nationality: United States

Frederick B. Llewellyn

Date of Birth : Sep 16, 1897
Date of Death : Dec 10, 1971
Birth Place : New Orleans

Dr. Frederick Britton Llewellyn was a noted American electrical engineer. Llewellyn was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He took a course at the Marconi School for Wireless Operators in 1915, spent some three years in the merchant marine, and almost a year in the Navy in 1917-18. He then studied under Professor Alan Hazeltine at Stevens Institute of Technology, receiving his M.E. degree in 1922. After a year as laboratory assistant to Dr. F. K. Vreeland, he joined Western Electric in 1923, transferring in 1925 to Bell Telephone Laboratories, where he worked on the long-wave transatlantic telephone based in Rocky Point, New York. From 1924-28 he studied at Columbia University, receiving his Ph.D in 1928. Llewellyn helped develop the first public ship-to-shore telephone service, inaugurated in 1929 on the SS Leviathan. In the 1930s he studied noise in vacuum tubes and constant-frequency oscillators, and researched the behavior of vacuum tubes at very high frequencies. During World War II, he served as a consultant to the Office of Secretary of War. He and Edwin H. Armstrong designed a sensitive receiver used to detect a radar signal reflected from the moon.

Also known as

  • Frederick Llewellyn
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