George W. P. Hunt Photo

George W. P. Hunt

Born: Nov 1, 1859

Death: Dec 24, 1934

Birthplace: Huntsville

Profession: Politician

Nationality: United States

George W. P. Hunt

Date of Birth : Nov 1, 1859
Date of Death : Dec 24, 1934
Birth Place : Huntsville

George Wylie Paul Hunt was an American politician and businessman. He was the first Governor of Arizona, serving a total of seven terms, along with President of the convention that wrote Arizona's constitution. In addition, Hunt served in both houses of the Arizona Territorial Legislature and was posted as U.S. Minister to Siam. Calling himself the "Old Walrus", Hunt was 5 feet 9 inches tall, close to 300 pounds, bald, and had a drooping handlebar moustache. Politically, he took on aspects from the populist, and later progressive, movements who supported reforms such as women's suffrage, secret ballots, income tax, free silver coinage, and compulsory education. Hunt was also an opponent of capital punishment and a supporter of organized labor.


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