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Haywood S. Hansell

Born: Sep 28, 1903

Death: Nov 14, 1988

Birthplace: Fort Monroe

Nationality: United States

Haywood S. Hansell

Date of Birth : Sep 28, 1903
Date of Death : Nov 14, 1988
Birth Place : Fort Monroe

Haywood Shepherd Hansell Jr., was a general officer in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, and later the United States Air Force. He became an advocate of the doctrine of strategic bombardment, and was one of the chief architects of the concept of daylight precision bombing that governed the use of airpower by the USAAF in the war. Hansell played a key and largely unsung role in the strategic planning of air operations by the United States. This included drafting both the strategic air war plans and the plan for the Combined Bomber Offensive in Europe; obtaining a base of operations for the B-29 Superfortress in the Mariana Islands; and devising the command structure of the Twentieth Air Force, the first global strategic air force and forerunner of the Strategic Air Command. He made precision air attack, as both the most humane and effective means of achieving military success, a lifelong personal crusade that eventually became the key tenet of American airpower employment. Hansell also held combat commands during the war, carrying out the very plans and doctrines he helped draft.

Also known as

  • Haywood Hansell
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