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Herman Melville

Born: Aug 1, 1819

Death: Sep 28, 1891

Birthplace: Manhattan

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

Herman Melville

Date of Birth : Aug 1, 1819
Date of Death : Sep 28, 1891
Birth Place : Manhattan

Herman Melville was an American novelist, writer of short stories, and poet from the American Renaissance period. Most of his writings were published between 1846 and 1857. Best known for his sea adventure Typee and his whaling novel Moby-Dick, he was almost forgotten during the last thirty years of his life. Melville's writing draws on his experience at sea as a common sailor, exploration of literature and philosophy, and engagement in the contradictions of American society in a period of rapid change. The main characteristic of his style is probably its heavy allusiveness, a reflection of his use of written sources. Melville's way of adapting what he read for his own new purposes, scholar Stanley T. Williams wrote, "was a transforming power comparable to Shakespeare's". Born in New York City as the third child of a merchant in French dry-goods, Melville's formal education stopped abruptly after the death of his father in 1832, shortly after bankruptcy left the family in financial straits. Melville briefly became a schoolteacher before he took to sea in 1839. This voyage to Liverpool as a common sailor on a merchant ship became the basis for his fourth book, Redburn.


  • Writer
  • Poet
  • Novelist
  • Sailor
  • Essayist
  • Customs officer

Also known as

  • Herman Melville d''après Pierre ou les Ambiguïtés


  • Allan Melville
  • Maria Gansevoort Melville


  • Elizabeth Shaw


  • Stanwix Melville
  • Malcolm Melville
  • Frances Melville
  • Elizabeth Melville
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