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Hiram Walker

Born: Jul 4, 1816

Death: Jan 12, 1899

Birthplace: East Douglas

Nationality: United States

Hiram Walker

Date of Birth : Jul 4, 1816
Date of Death : Jan 12, 1899
Birth Place : East Douglas

Hiram Walker was an American entrepreneur and founder of the Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd. distillery Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Walker was born in East Douglas, Massachusetts, and moved to Detroit in 1838. He purchased land across the Detroit River, just east of what is Windsor, Ontario, and established a distillery in 1858 in what would become Walkerville, Ontario. Walker began selling his whisky as Hiram Walker's Club Whisky, in containers that were "clearly marked" and he utilized a process to make his whisky that was vastly different from all other distillers. It became very popular, angering American distillers, who forced the U.S. Government to pass a law requiring that all foreign whiskeys state their country of origin on the label. From this point forward, Hiram Walker's famous Canadian Club Whisky was Canada's top export whisky. He established and maintained the company town that grew around his distillery, exercising planning and control over every facet of the town, from public works to religious services to police and fire control. The Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery remained in the Walker family until 1926 when they sold it to Harry C. Hatch.

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