Hugo Benioff Photo

Hugo Benioff

Born: Sep 14, 1899

Death: Jan 1, 1968

Birthplace: California

Nationality: United States

Hugo Benioff

Date of Birth : Sep 14, 1899
Date of Death : Jan 1, 1968
Birth Place : California

Victor Hugo Benioff was an American seismologist and a professor at the California Institute of Technology. He is best remembered for his work in charting the location of deep earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean. Benioff was born in Los Angeles. His father was an immigrant from Russia and his mother from Sweden. After graduating from Pomona College in 1921, Benioff began his career with the idea of being an astronomer and worked for a time at Mount Wilson Observatory, but when he found that astronomers work at night and sleep in the daytime, he quickly switched to seismology. He joined the Seismological Laboratory in 1924 and received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in 1935. Benioff is considered a genius in the design of earthquake instruments. One of his first instruments, created in 1932, was the Benioff seismograph, which senses the movement of the earth - these instruments are now used in every country in the world. Equally famous is the Benioff strain instrument, which records the stretching of the Earth's surface.

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