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Hugo Black

Born: Feb 27, 1886

Death: Sep 25, 1971

Birthplace: Ashland

Profession: Politician

Nationality: United States

Hugo Black

Date of Birth : Feb 27, 1886
Date of Death : Sep 25, 1971
Birth Place : Ashland

Hugo Lafayette Black was an American politician and jurist. A member of the Democratic Party, Black represented Alabama in the United States Senate from 1927 to 1937, and served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1937 to 1971. Black was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 63 to 16 He was first of nine Roosevelt nominees to the Court, and he outlasted all except for William O. Douglas. Black is widely regarded as one of the most influential Supreme Court justices in the 20th century. The fifth longest-serving justice in Supreme Court history, Black is noted for his advocacy of a textualist reading of the United States Constitution and of the position that the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights were imposed on the states by the Fourteenth Amendment. During his political career, Black was regarded as a staunch supporter of liberal policies and civil liberties. However, Black consistently opposed the doctrine of substantive due process and believed that there was no basis in the words of the Constitution for a right to privacy, voting against finding one in Griswold v.


  • Politician
  • Jurist

Also known as

  • Hugo Lafayette Black


  • William Lafayette Black
  • Martha Toland Black


  • Josephine Foster
  • Elizabeth Seay DeMeritte


  • Hugo Black, Jr.
  • Sterling Foster Black
  • Martha Josephine Black
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