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Jade Villalon

Born: Aug 12, 1980

Birthplace: San Diego

Profession: Actor

Nationality: United States

Jade Villalon

Date of Birth : Aug 12, 1980
Birth Place : San Diego

Jade Valerie Villalon, also known by her project and stage name Jade Valerie, is an American and European pop singer, songwriter, and actress. From 1999 to 2007, she was the vocalist and lyricist of Sweetbox, releasing five original albums and a number of compilations. During this time, each major release achieved either a Gold or Platinum status in Japan and Korea, also earning various awards and chart positions around the world. Following Villalon's departure from this project, both Villalon, and Sweetbox composer and producer Rosan Geoman, worked together once again to release albums under Villalon's own name, Jade Valerie. After two album releases under this name, two additional side-projects were formed, entitled Eternity 8 and Saint Vox, both releasing a self-titled album respectively. Saint Vox presented a collaboration effort between Villalon's vocal and lyrical work, Geoman's arrangements of both original and sampled classical pieces, and the stylings of Japanese violinist, Emiri Miyamoto.


  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Songwriter

Also known as

  • Jade Valerie
  • Jade Valerie Villalon
  • Jade Valerie Villalon
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