James Richard Haskell Photo

James Richard Haskell

Born: Sep 17, 1843

Death: Aug 16, 1897

Nationality: United States

James Richard Haskell

Date of Birth : Sep 17, 1843
Date of Death : Aug 16, 1897

James Richard Haskell was an American inventor chiefly remembered for his invention of a multi-charge gun which was intended to increase muzzle velocity by detonating additional propellant charges behind the projectile or shell as it moved up the gun's barrel and was a distant ancestor of the World War II German V-3 "supergun". In 1854 Haskell began experiments with steel breech-loading rifled cannon and breech-loading small-arms, manufacturing 25 of the former, which were purchased by the Mexican Government. In 1855 he began experimenting with multi-charge guns in partnership with Azel S. Lyman, who originated the idea of applying successive charges of gunpowder to accelerate the velocity of a projectile.

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