Jean Leon Gerome Ferris Photo

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Born: Aug 18, 1863

Death: Mar 18, 1930

Birthplace: Philadelphia

Nationality: United States

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Date of Birth : Aug 18, 1863
Date of Death : Mar 18, 1930
Birth Place : Philadelphia

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris was an American painter best known for his series of 78 scenes from American history, entitled The Pageant of a Nation, the largest series of American historical paintings by a single artist. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Stephen James Ferris, a portrait painter and a devotee of Jean-Leon Gerome and Mariano Fortuny. He grew up around art, having been trained by his father and having two acclaimed painters, Edward Moran and Thomas Moran, as uncles. Ferris enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1879 and trained further at the Academie Julian beginning in 1883 under William-Adolphe Bouguereau. He also met his namesake Jean-Leon Gerome, who greatly influenced Ferris's decision to paint scenes from American history. As Ferris wrote in his unpublished autobiography, "[Gerome's] axiom was that one would paint best that with which he is most familiar". However, initially his subjects were Orientalist in nature, that movement having been in vogue when he was young. Some of his material was original, some of it took after Fortuny, but he was skilled enough, despite never having had any experience with Asia.

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