Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte Photo

Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte

Born: Jul 5, 1805

Death: Jun 17, 1870

Birthplace: London

Nationality: Italy

Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte

Date of Birth : Jul 5, 1805
Date of Death : Jun 17, 1870
Birth Place : London

Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte was a son of Elizabeth Patterson and Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon I. He was born in 95 Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London, England, but lived in the United States with his wealthy American mother. Jerome's mother's marriage had been annulled by order of Jerome's uncle, French Emperor Napoleon I. The annulment caused the rescission of his right to carry the Bonaparte name; though the ruling was later reversed by his cousin, Napoleon III. It is speculated that Jerome's prospective title is a reason the 11th Congress of the United States in 1810 proposed the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would strip an American of his citizenship if he accepted a title of nobility from a foreign nation. The amendment has never been approved, lacking the approval of only two state legislatures at that time. He married Susan May Williams, and it is from them that the American line of the Bonaparte family descended. They had two sons: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II, officer in the armies of both the United States and France, had issue; Charles Joseph Bonaparte, United States Attorney General and Secretary of the Navy, no issue.

Also known as

  • Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte


  • Jérôme Bonaparte
  • Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte


  • Susan May Williams


  • Charles Bonaparte
  • Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II
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