Jimmie Leach Photo

Jimmie Leach

Born: Apr 7, 1922

Death: Dec 17, 2009

Birthplace: Houston

Nationality: United States

Jimmie Leach

Date of Birth : Apr 7, 1922
Date of Death : Dec 17, 2009
Birth Place : Houston

James Herbert Leach was a United States Army colonel who served as a tank company commander in World War II and an armored regiment commander in the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in World War II and three Silver Stars in Vietnam. During World War II, in July 1944 and 1945, Leach served in combat under Lieutenant Colonel Creighton Abrams who commanded the 37th Tank Battalion of the 4th Armored Division, which beginning on August 1, 1944, joined and spearheaded for General George Patton and his Third Army. On June 28, after landing in Normandy on June 11 after D-Day at Utah Beach, the 4th AD participated in Operation Cobra, which began the offensive out of Normandy and subsequent rapid advance across France, through the Lorraine Campaign and the Battle of the Bulge. From May to September, 1948, Leach served as U.S. Army liaison to the government of South Korea on Jeju island at the beginning of the insurrection that has been termed the Jeju Uprising. Col. Leach later commanded the 11th Armored Cavalry as the 40th "Colonel of the Regiment" in South Vietnam from April–December, 1969 having taken command from Col.

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