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John D. Henley

Born: Feb 25, 1781

Death: May 23, 1835

Birthplace: Williamsburg

Nationality: United States

John D. Henley

Date of Birth : Feb 25, 1781
Date of Death : May 23, 1835
Birth Place : Williamsburg

Captain John Dandridge Henley was an officer of the United States Navy who served in the First Barbary War and the War of 1812. Henley was born 25 February 1781 at Williamsburg, Virginia, the son of Leonard and Elizabeth Dandridge Henley and the nephew of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. He was commissioned Midshipman on 14 October 1799, at the age of 18. During offensive operations against Tripoli in 1804, he served in Gunboat No. 6, commanded by Lieutenant John Trippe. In a stirring attack 3 August against a larger enemy warship, the two officers with only nine other men boarded and took the enemy ship in hand-to-hand fighting, although outnumbered three to one. Midshipman Henley also took part in several other attacks in the months that followed as Commodore Edward Preble's squadron carried out aggressive and successful operations against the Tripolitan pirates that made them ready to end their aggression. Later in his career, during the War of 1812, Henley commanded schooner Carolina during the Battle of New Orleans. After the gallant delaying action by Lt.

Also known as

  • John Henley
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