John Frederick Weishampel Photo

John Frederick Weishampel

Born: Apr 4, 1808

Nationality: United States

John Frederick Weishampel

Date of Birth : Apr 4, 1808

John Frederick Weishampel was a Baltimore, Maryland minister and author. The most notable of his works is The Testimony of a Hundred Witnesses, a compilation which contains one hundred religious testimonies from Christians of different denominations. One of the testimonies in the book was written by "Church of God" founder John Winebrenner. The town Weishample, Pennsylvania is supposedly named after Weishampel due to his association with Winebrenner. Weishampel was a second generation Prussian-American and father of publisher John Frederick Weishampel, Jr. He was married to Gertrude Dorothea Koehler on July 3, 1831.

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