John Gray Photo

John Gray

Born: Jan 6, 1764

Death: Mar 29, 1868

Birthplace: Mount Vernon

Nationality: United States

John Gray

Date of Birth : Jan 6, 1764
Date of Death : Mar 29, 1868
Birth Place : Mount Vernon

John Gray was the last verified veteran of the American Revolutionary War. He was confirmed a veteran of the war and awarded a pension of $500 semi-annually by House Bill 1044. Journalist/attorney James M. Dalzell wrote a book published by Gibson Brothers, Printers in 1868 titled "John Gray, of Mount Vernon; The Last Soldier of the Revolution". As of the Fall of 1867 after the death of Samuel Downing in Edinburgh, Saratoga county, New York, John Gray was then believed by the Pension Office of the U.S. Department of the Interior to be the last surviving veteran. His claim to the "last surviving veteran" of the War depends primarily on the failure of his competitors Daniel F. Bakeman and George Fruits, who died a year, and several years, after him to prove service during the war. Samuel Downing and Gray had been granted pensions, by special act of the U.S. Congress. The special act was required because the two had not previously applied for pensions or service land grants. Bakeman was unable to prove his service; Gray, while able to prove his service, had only served six months; Fruits had never had any pension.

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