John R. Murdock Photo

John R. Murdock

Born: Sep 13, 1826

Death: Nov 12, 1913

Birthplace: United States of America

Nationality: United States

John R. Murdock

Date of Birth : Sep 13, 1826
Date of Death : Nov 12, 1913
Birth Place : United States of America

John Riggs Murdock was the leader of the most Mormon pioneer down-and-back companies in Latter-day Saint history, leading ox-drawn wagon trains that carried both merchandise and passengers "down and back" from Missouri to Utah. The son of John Murdock, he not only led several down-and-back companies but also served several missions in the eastern United States. He was also a prominent leader of the church in Beaver, Utah. Murdock was born in Orange, Ohio to John Murdock and Julia Clapp Murdock. When he was five years old, his mother died and he was then raised in the home of Morris Phelps. The Phelps moved from Jackson County, Missouri to Far West, Missouri to Nauvoo, Illinois, where Murdock was reunited with his father. In Nauvoo, Murdock worked on the farm of Joseph Smith. During the exodus from Nauvoo to the west, Murdock lived with the Cornelius Lott family in Nauvoo; Murdock fell in love with and later married Lott's daughter Almira Henrietta Lott. The marriage of Murdock and Lott happened after the arrival in the Salt Lake Valley. Murdock later also married Mary Ellen Wolfenden and May Bain as plural wives.

Also known as

  • John Murdock
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