John Rodgers Photo

John Rodgers

Born: Jul 11, 1772

Death: Aug 1, 1838

Birthplace: Havre de Grace

Nationality: United States

John Rodgers

Date of Birth : Jul 11, 1772
Date of Death : Aug 1, 1838
Birth Place : Havre de Grace

John Rodgers was a senior naval officer in the United States Navy who served under six Presidents for nearly four decades during its formative years in the 1790s through the late 1830s, committing the bulk of his adult life to his country. His service took him through many operations in the Quasi-War with France, both Barbary Wars in North Africa and the War of 1812 with Britain. As a senior officer in the young American navy he played a major role in the development of the standards, customs and traditions that emerged during this time. Rodgers was, among other things, noted for commanding the largest American squadron in his day to sail the Mediterranean Sea. After serving with distinction as a lieutenant he was soon promoted directly to the rank of captain. During his naval career he commanded a number of warships, including the USS John Adams, the flagship of the fleet that defeated the Barbary states of North Africa.

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