John Stricker Photo

John Stricker

Born: Feb 15, 1759

Death: Jun 23, 1825

Birthplace: Frederick

Nationality: United States

John Stricker

Date of Birth : Feb 15, 1759
Date of Death : Jun 23, 1825
Birth Place : Frederick

Brigadier General John Stricker was a Maryland state militia officer who fought in both the American Revolutionary War in the First Maryland Regiment of the famous "Maryland Line" of the Continental Army and in the War of 1812. He commanded the Third Brigade of the Maryland state militia in the Battle of North Point on Monday, September 12th, 1814, which formed a part of the larger Battle of Baltimore, along with the subsequent British naval bombardment of Fort McHenry on September 13-14th, and was a turning point in the later months of the War of 1812 and to the peace negotiators across the Atlantic Ocean for the Treaty of Ghent, in the city of Ghent then in the Austrian Netherlands, which finally arrived at a peace treaty on Christmas Eve in December 1815, of which news finally reached America in February 1815.

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