Jose Maria Yanez Photo

Jose Maria Yanez

Born: 1803

Death: Aug 10, 1880

Birthplace: Valle de Santiago

Nationality: Mexico

Jose Maria Yanez

Date of Birth : 1803
Date of Death : Aug 10, 1880
Birth Place : Valle de Santiago

General Jose Maria Yanez was a Mexican hero of the war of independence from Spain and the invasions by France and the United States. He was born to peasants in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, and ran way from home as a child to see other lands and customs of the people. At the age of 18, he joined the Ejercito Trigarante to fight for the Independence of Mexico where he was promoted, and had his best performance in the defense of Tampico against an expedition eight years after the independence was consummated. In 1838, he contributed to the successful defense of Veracruz against French invaders when they attacked during the Pastry War. On May 20, 1846, he revolted against President Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga, who was a conservative trying to turn the republic into a monarchy. As a general in Jalisco, commanding an army of 500 men and six artillery pieces, he attacked the invading U.S. Army, which had arrived through the San Blas port, forcing the invaders to retreat. In 1852, he was designated governor of Jalisco, by the conservatives who supported, with Jose Maria Blancarte, the Hospice Plan.

Also known as

  • Jose Maria Yanez
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