Joseph Greene Photo

Joseph Greene

Born: Aug 1, 1914

Death: Jan 1, 1990

Nationality: United States

Joseph Greene

Date of Birth : Aug 1, 1914
Date of Death : Jan 1, 1990

Joseph Lawrence Greene was an American author of science fiction novels and short stories whose most familiar creations are Tom Corbett, Space Cadet which, in 1951, became a television series popular with young audiences, as well as Dig Allen Space Explorer, a series of six books published between 1959 and 1962, which focused around the adolescent hero Dig Allen and his interplanetary adventures in the genre of boys' juvenile literature. A prolific writer, he also contributed numerous stories to comic books and was an editor, until 1972, for Grosset publishing while writing under a number of pseudonyms including, purportedly, the house pen name "Alvin Schwartz" and also "Richard Mark", and using sundry variations of his own name, which exemplified such foreign-language wordplays for "Green" as "Verdy", "Verdi" and "Vert".

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