Joseph Knight, Sr. Photo

Joseph Knight, Sr.

Born: Nov 26, 1772

Death: Feb 3, 1847

Birthplace: Oakham

Nationality: United States

Joseph Knight, Sr.

Date of Birth : Nov 26, 1772
Date of Death : Feb 3, 1847
Birth Place : Oakham

Joseph Knight, Sr. was a close associate of Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. Knight provided significant material support to Smith's translation and publication of the Book of Mormon. Knight was born in Oakham, Massachusetts. In 1795, he married Polly Peck. By 1800 they were living in Vermont. They moved to Colesville, New York in 1808. Knight first met Joseph Smith while Smith was working for Josiah Stowell. He later hired Smith to work at his large farm and gristmill. Smith's courting of Emma Hale was helped by Knight lending him his sled. The Smiths also borrowed Knight's wagon when they went to pick up the golden plates from the Hill Cumorah. Knight was baptized into the Church of Christ on 28 June 1830. All his children, their spouses, his sister, and three of his wife's siblings along with their spouses all joined the church. They constituted the Colesville Branch, the first branch in the church, and they later sold their homes and properties and migrated as a group to Thompson, Ohio, and then Jackson County, Missouri. Among Knight's children was Newel Knight.


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