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Katt Hernandez

Born: May 16, 1974

Profession: Violinist

Nationality: United States

Katt Hernandez

Date of Birth : May 16, 1974

Katt Hernandez is a violinist living in Stockholm, Sweden with strong connection to Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland. Katt's violin playing employs many virtuosic extended techniques, as well as microtones. Her influences range a vast gamut of music, and her own work is entirely improvised. She has been noted for her unique playing in many publications and on-line review sites, including Cadence Magazine, Signal to Noise, Arthur Magazine and All About Jazz. As a teenager, she attended Community High School, an alternative, experimental school that was in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a high school student, she played in the Michigan Youth Symphony and participated in the voluntary Contemporary Improvisation Workshop held by a graduate student for the youth orchestra. She was admitted to the University of Michigan in 1992, and was among the first to graduate from the school with a degree in improvised music. There she worked extensively with the Creative Arts Orchestra, with her mentor Ed Sarath. She also studied composition with George Balch Wilson and Evan Chambers, as well as jazz with Donald Walden.


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