Leonard Feeney Photo

Leonard Feeney

Born: Feb 18, 1897

Death: Jan 30, 1978

Birthplace: Lynn

Nationality: United States

Leonard Feeney

Date of Birth : Feb 18, 1897
Date of Death : Jan 30, 1978
Birth Place : Lynn

Father Leonard Edward Feeney was a U.S. Jesuit priest, poet, lyricist, and essayist. He articulated and defended a strict interpretation of the Roman Catholic doctrine, extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. He took the position that baptism of blood and baptism of desire are unavailing and that therefore no non-Catholics will be saved. Fighting against what he perceived to be the liberalization of Catholic doctrine, he came under ecclesiastical censure. He was described as Boston's homegrown version of Father Charles Coughlin for his antisemitism.

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