Leonce Perret Photo

Leonce Perret

Born: Mar 14, 1880

Death: Aug 12, 1935

Birthplace: Niort

Profession: Actor

Nationality: France

Leonce Perret

Date of Birth : Mar 14, 1880
Date of Death : Aug 12, 1935
Birth Place : Niort

Leonce Joseph Perret was a prolific and innovative French film actor, director and producer. He also worked as a stage actor and director. Often described as avant-garde for his unorthodox directing methods, Leonce Perret introduced innovative camera, lighting and film scoring techniques to French cinema. Leonce Perret began his career as a relatively undistinguished stage actor. He was recruited to the film industry by the Gaumont Film Company. His numerous short films gained significant accolade in French cinematography. Until his emigration to the United States in 1917, he was a fixture of the Gaumont Film Company. On American soil, he produced several popular films, the most notable being Lest We Forget in 1918. After returning to France, he directed the successful Koenigsmark in 1923. His film Madame Sans-Gene, starring Gloria Swanson, was the first joint Franco-American film production. In addition, Leonce Perret collaborated with many of the French and American idols of his generation such as Abel Gance, Gloria Swanson, Gaby Morlay, Rene Creste, Arletty, Suzanne Grandais, Mae Murray, and Huguette Duflos.


  • Actor
  • Film Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film director


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