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Louis de Rochemont

Born: Jan 13, 1899

Death: Dec 23, 1978

Birthplace: Boston

Profession: Film Producer

Nationality: United States

Louis de Rochemont

Date of Birth : Jan 13, 1899
Date of Death : Dec 23, 1978
Birth Place : Boston

Louis de Rochemont was an American film maker known for creating, along with Roy E. Larsen from Time, Inc., the monthly theatrically shown newsreels The March of Time. His brother Richard de Rochemont was also a producer and writer on The March of Time. The de Rochemonts were descended from Huguenot ancestors who settled in New Hampshire early in the nineteenth century. Born in 1899, the son of a Boston attorney, he grew up in small-town Massachusetts. His film career began when, still a teenager, he filmed his New England neighbours and sold the footage to local theatres under the title See Yourself as Others See You. The newsreels he created defined film news from 1935 to 1951. The 20-minute films, which combined filmed news with interpretive interviews and dramatizations, appeared between featured films in theaters. When he moved from newsreels to feature films, de Rochemont chose to produce films based on real stories in actual locations, often with locals in the cast. After three spy films that helped define film noir, including The House on 92nd Street, he produced a wide array of feature films such as the semi-documentary Boomerang.


  • Film Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film director

Also known as

  • Louis de Rochement
  • Louis De Rochemont


  • Virginia Shaler


  • Louis De Rochemont III
  • Virginia Rochemont
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