Louis R. Vitullo Photo

Louis R. Vitullo

Born: Jul 2, 1924

Death: Jan 3, 2006

Profession: Scientist

Nationality: United States

Louis R. Vitullo

Date of Birth : Jul 2, 1924
Date of Death : Jan 3, 2006

Louis R. Vitullo was a Chicago police sergeant and later became chief microanalyst at the city's crime lab. He is best known as the first person to standardize evidence collection in cases of sexual assault, which until then was not done in a systematic fashion. The resulting evidence kits were initially called Vitullo kits and continued to be known as such even after his name was officially removed from them. They are now more commonly known as sexual assault evidence kits or rape kits for short.


  • Scientist
  • Inventor

Also known as

  • Louis Vitullo
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