Malcolm Jameson Photo

Malcolm Jameson

Born: Dec 21, 1891

Death: Apr 16, 1945

Birthplace: Waco

Nationality: United States

Malcolm Jameson

Date of Birth : Dec 21, 1891
Date of Death : Apr 16, 1945
Birth Place : Waco

Malcolm Routh Jameson, commonly known as Malcolm Jameson, was an American science fiction author. An officer in the US Navy, he was active in American pulp magazines during the Golden Age of Science Fiction. His writing career began when complications of throat cancer limited his activity. According to John W. Campbell Jr., Jameson "had much to do with the development of modern [c.1945] naval ordnance." Jameson's first published fiction appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in 1938. His story "Doubled and Redoubled" may be the earliest work of fiction to feature a time loop. His stories of Solar System exploration about "Bullard of the Space Patrol" were posthumously collected in 1951 as a fixup novel and won the Boys Clubs of America Award; reviewing that collection, Boucher and McComas praised Bullard as "the most successfully drawn series character in modern science fiction." P. Schuyler Miller wrote that Jameson drew on his own naval experience to give the stories "a warm atmosphere of reality." Alfred Bester described meeting Jameson in about 1939: "Mort Weisinger introduced me to the informal luncheon gatherings of the working science fiction authors of the late thirties...

Also known as

  • Colin Keith
  • Malcolm M. Jameson
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